Cathy Kenton2 min read

3 Tools To Improve Sales During COVID (And 1 Tool Your Prospects May Be Using to Block You)

No matter your industry or niche, COVID has turned sales on its head. Sales strategies and tactics have rapidly evolved to require an all-new set of tools for success. 

For example, some of our legal tech colleagues (and even internal team members) are reporting that an increased number of sales calls are going directly to voicemail, and that email isn't having the same impact as it used to. 

At first blush, it doesn't make sense when you consider that most people are working remotely and have equivalent access to incoming calls and emails. But consider most of us have transitioned from an in-office telephone system to our personal smartphones and while we can direct call from our office lines, they often come in with no contact information displayed. When was the last time you answered a call from an unknown number on your personal smartphone?

Email is a different story. I don't know about you, but my incoming emails has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. Why? Because everyone is using email to try to reach those we can't reach on the phone, to offer webinars, virtual event registrations, and more.

So how do you stay strong and power through these challenges? New tech tools could be the answer, at least part of the answer.

Here are three tools that may have seen optional before, but are mandatory now:

1. Automated Scheduler (i.e., Calendly)

While you do not necessarily need Calendly, your prospects will expect you to have an easy process for booking a meeting. No one has the time (or patience) to trade emails three or four times find a mutually available time slot. Simply send a link with the option to book directly -- your prospects will thank you. 

2. LinkedIn Messages

We are all are drowning in emails and cold calls. Many are impersonal and simply fall to the bottom of the stack. To cut the line, so to speak, reach out directly via LinkedIn. It is much more personal and elicits a quick read. You have the benefit of knowing right away if your message was read, and your prospect has the benefit of a short and more personal note. And don't forget to insert that meeting link in your message!

3. Video Conference Tools

Hear us out. We know everyone uses video calls for scheduled meetings, but how often are you using it in sales? Are you sending video messages or asking your prospects if they would like to grab a virtual coffee with you? There are so many ways to leverage your video tools beyond the simple internal meeting. 

And as a bonus: a tool that your prospects may be using that hinder your sales success:

1. Call Blocker 

Put yourself in your prospect's shoes. They are home, and their cell phone has probably become their work phone. They are juggling work and family in a way they never have before. Cold calls -- particularly from an unknown or blocked number -- typically have no place in their homes. Consider the strong possibility that your prospect uses a call (or text) blocker and adjust your strategies accordingly. (For those interested, YouMail is the favorite blocker for the LTMG team)