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How To Reach Mid-Size Firms When Facing Economic Turmoil

Compared to small firms, mid-size firms take more of a business approach to technology investments. They will likely have an executive or director making the final decision and may even involve a technology committee. 

Additionally, younger members of firms are likely more technologically-inclined and are quickly influencing and becoming involved in technology decision-making. Therefore, your marketing must reach younger legal professionals, not just senior decision-makers. 

This also presents an opportunity to focus your messaging and differentiate your brand, as acquiring and retaining top legal talent is a vital concern for senior leadership today. Young talent wants to work in innovative environments and use current technology. Wise leaders will value their input when making decisions.  

You must demonstrate how your technology helps firms attract the best young attorneys. Likewise, your messaging must also convey your value proposition to younger attorneys so they can become your champions. Ask yourself: 

  • How will your technology allow team members to make a more significant impact on the practice? 
  • How will younger attorneys be able to do more and eliminate tedious tasks? 
  • How will your solution deliver better value to the firm and its clients while creating opportunities for top performers? 

As Thompson Reuters notes, “Using cutting-edge technology is second nature to [zoomers and millennials], and it has become a near-prerequisite for them as they consider where they want to work. With most new associates being zoomers and millennials beginning to take on leadership positions at their firms, the demand for and focus on state-of-the-art technology will only continue to increase.” 

Your marketing plan needs to be broader, given the more complex set of stakeholders. Grow your brand presence with social media and associations while driving sales through direct outreach and channel partners. 

LinkedIn and specialty bar associations are effective at helping you build brand awareness among a targeted set of audiences. Identify the LinkedIn Groups and organizations that attract firms and professionals in your vertical. Then, engage them with messaging that reflects their concerns and interests. These networks are great avenues for understanding your buyer's top of mind, which stakeholders can effectively champion your solution, and refining your pitch and value proposition. You can further enrich this insight with tools like ZoomInfo to implement a direct outreach campaign. 

Additionally, work on developing relationships with legal tech consultants and associations like the Association of Legal Administrators. Legal tech consults are the most trusted advisors of mid-size firms and carry significant weight in technology investment decisions. Consider reading our article on channel marketing with legal tech consultants if you haven't already. Marketing through these channels increases sales and leads to more effective implementation of your solution, greater adoption, and reduced churn. This is because these partners become experts in helping your customers get the most from your solutions.