Chris Bryant1 min read

Top 5 Features HubSpot Features, as Told by an Expert.

With HubSpot, you can empower your team with demand generating marketing programs that accelerate your client acquisition process. And even further than that: HubSpot is currently offering free tools and reduced pricing. 

But what does that mean, and how exactly can you take advantage? 

Earlier this week, LTMG sat down with designated HubSpot Specialist Chris Bryant to get his take on HubSpot's sales and marketing tools and how you can leverage them for greater marketing and sales success.

In no particular order, the below five features are Chris's top five to reach Sales and Marketing Nirvana. If you have already made the decision to adopt, we have a blog on HubSpot implementation. 

Leverage personalization tokens


You have the ability to use personalization tokens that range from "first name" to "last time we spoke."

You can also personalize the sender for emails, depending on the lead's owner. This allows your team to save time sending emails.

Default reporting, immediately. 


Need to know how many calls your sales reps are having? How long the calls last? Call outcomes? Productivity? Effectiveness? You get the idea.

Anything you need to measure, you can measure immediately.

Show everyone you're a closer. 


There is no need to hunt for information when working deals. Every detail you need to close is tied together with HubSpot associated records.

Never frantically search while speaking to a lead again.

Eliminate scheduling discussions. 


HubSpot allows for the insertion of meeting links into any point of contact.

Each meeting invite can be completely customized based on need, with up to 100 meeting links available.

Ease of email. 


Email marketing is moving to be an even stronger revenue channel for businesses.

The HubSpot Marketing packages go so far beyond MQL to SQL, into depths of customization and smart content.