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Three Marketing Tasks Your Team Should Complete (From Home) During COVID-19

Keeping momentum. 

This is a phrase we are constantly seeing in reference to our current market challenges. But what does it mean and why should you follow? 

Let me give you an example. I have had conversations throughout March with organizations that said, "it is not the right time to market right now," or "it is not appropriate to be pushing a sales offer," and frankly, "we don't know what is going on, so let's wait." 

Let's wait a week. Let's wait a month. Let's wait...

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Tactical Debt

Well. Things are changing daily. And this waiting pattern can place your company at risk of perpetuating the paralyzation of making decisions for you or your client's business. And this indecision can lead or a tactical or project debt that will need to be repaid later. The longer that you let your marketing and sales sit and go silent, the longer it will take to restart. 

Now, everyone is feeling this way. And you need to acknowledge those feelings of paralyzation and make the conscious decision to act on what you are going to do for your business. 

Recognize and Accept Changes

So this might not mean pausing marketing. I can guarantee, though, that this means rethinking your sales cycle. Rethinking your messaging, rethinking your strategy and recognizing that the sales cycle is going to be a little bit longer right now. 

You should actually be providing content that is thoughtful, educational in nature. Taking the time you had set aside for an in-person event and reinvesting that into a case study or webinar. 

This is a perfect time to review your 2020 strategy and reevaluate your plans for content creation. 

Engage Co-Marketers, Clients and Colleagues 

I have seen several of our clients reach out to their law firm clients or partner organizations and say, "hey, you guys are really great at X. Do you want to share your best practices with the rest of our audience?" 

Right now, it is so important to establish this feeling of peer-to-peer unity and community, in general. 

Stay Relevant. Be Relevant.