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How HubSpot Does AI Differently

We have seen with ChatGPT and similar emerging tools that the role of AI cannot be underestimated. It's not just about adopting AI but understanding how to do it right. HubSpot, a trailblazer in marketing and sales automation, stands out when integrating AI in a customer-centric manner that drives growth. Here’s how HubSpot sets itself apart and the valuable lessons legal tech companies can glean from its approach. 

Customer Connection Drives Growth 

HubSpot's approach to AI is rooted in the belief that customer connection is the primary driver of growth. Instead of viewing AI as a means to automate and depersonalize interactions, HubSpot harnesses its power to enhance customer relationships. 

HubSpot's CRM platform, deeply integrated with AI, empowers legal tech companies to understand their customers on a granular level. It's not just about collecting data but leveraging AI to gain actionable insights. This allows marketers to tailor their strategies to meet customers where they are in their journey. 

Personal Over Personalized 

In the age of AI, personalization has become a buzzword. However, HubSpot takes it further by emphasizing "personal" over "personalized." It's not just about bombarding prospects with personalized content; it's about making each interaction genuinely personal. 

HubSpot understands that authenticity matters. Legal tech companies can use AI to provide tailored recommendations and content, but the key is to do so in a way that feels human. This means understanding not just the customer's preferences but also their pain points and aspirations. 

Value Over Volume 

HubSpot's approach to AI centers on delivering value rather than overwhelming customers with a high volume of content or interactions. Legal tech companies have learned that flooding clients with information doesn't equate to effective engagement. 

Instead, HubSpot uses AI to identify the most relevant content and the right delivery time. This ensures that each interaction adds value to the customer's journey. It's about quality over quantity, and this principle can guide legal tech marketers in crafting meaningful AI-driven strategies. 

Solve Over Sell 

One of the most significant distinctions in HubSpot's AI approach is the emphasis on solving customer problems rather than solely focusing on sales. Legal tech companies often fall into the trap of pushing products or services. HubSpot's philosophy is different—it's about providing solutions that genuinely address customer needs. 

By using AI to understand customer pain points, companies in the legal tech space can create content and solutions that solve these issues. This builds trust and positions the company as a trusted advisor in the legal tech realm. 

HubSpot's unique approach to AI is a valuable case study for companies in legal tech. By prioritizing customer connection, emphasizing the personal, delivering value, and focusing on problem-solving, HubSpot demonstrates that AI is a powerful tool for growth when used wisely. Legal tech companies can follow in HubSpot's footsteps by integrating AI in a customer-centric way that drives growth and fosters genuine connections with clients. Ultimately, it's not just about adopting AI; it's about doing it differently and correctly.