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How Legal Tech Companies Can Build a Successful Marketing Channel Through Consultants

Legal practices are continually evolving, and the industry is increasingly open to new technology. Due to the cost and complexity of these technologies, choosing and implementing the right system often requires specialized expertise. These experts are legal tech consultants for mid-size firms – big enough to need help but too small to require in-house IT staff.  

Legal Tech consultants' specialized expertise makes them trusted advisors to growing firms. Emerging from time billing and IT support, their expertise has flourished to encompass practice management, data services, software implementation, and virtually all aspects of a firm's technology needs.  

This expertise distinguishes them from resellers; consultants prefer to earn their income from value-added services, such as implementation, ongoing support, and other practice advisory services. Some consultants may even refuse referral fees because they see it as a conflict of interest. 

To build a successful marketing channel through consultants, Legal Tech vendors must recruit, educate, and empower them to implement their solutions, and develop solid two-way relationships. In other words, help them use your product to deliver results for their clients. 

To do this, consider how consultants can add value to your business model: 

  • Do you have a customizable solution that requires configuration?  
  • Consultants help reduce churn by deepening client implementation, training, and providing ongoing support 
  • Improving conversion rates by bringing in a consultant to help close a deal 

You will need to promote and manage your program to motivate consultants to recommend your product. Offer robust education and partner support to facilitate implementation, build confidence, and highlight new features. You can also help consultants grow their businesses with co-marketing, lead generation programs, and promoting them in your marketing. Additionally, tiered achievement levels and metrics can increase motivation and recognize your highest-performing partners. 

This type of program is most successful when you view consultants as true partners. Transparency about your plans to invest in and support the program will allow you both to succeed in growing the program. And most important, your clients and end-users will realize added value from your solution when a consultant partner program is well-managed. It’s a win-win-win.