Cathy Kenton

It's December, Typically a Quiet Time in Our Business

It’s December, Typically a Quiet Time in Our Business

In all of the years we’ve worked in the legal industry, we’ve repeatedly heard how slow business is in December. While nobody likes a party or down-time more than us, we’ve found December presents a few unique opportunities:

  1. Take Advantage of the Impulse Buy – If your product or service is appropriate for impulse buyers, develop an offer that takes advantage of the end of year-end spending. Small firms often look to increase deductions at this time of the year, while larger firms may have unspent budget. Create a special offer that expires before December 31st and send it to all of your unconverted leads. You just might be surprised at the uptick in sales.
  2. It’s Not Too Late to Plan – If you’ve been too busy to worry about a ‘plan’ for next year, now’s a perfect time. This is an excellent opportunity to get some quiet, thinking time with the activity slowdown. Start big with your overall goals, and ask yourself this question “what does success in 2022 look like?” Once you’ve got that answer, start breaking it down into pieces and timing. Whether you’re starting with revenue, users, clients, or income per customer/client, identify the goal and then work backward to incorporate milestones and build your plan. Write it down - if the plan exists only in your head, the chances of success are significantly reduced.
  3. Learn Something New/Do Something New – What is working for lead generation in the legal tech community? There are many ways to approach lead generation, and finding the right approach for your business can be difficult. So, where should you start? LTMG conducted a Legal Tech Lead Generation Survey Analysis to help point you in the right direction. The high scores received by referral programs, digital marketing, and guest blogging suggest that if you're not currently embracing these tactics, it might be time to explore them.  Pick one- they each have their own strengths and commit to it. Incorporate it into your plan and set aside some time to learn the benefits and figure out how to make it work for you. There’s a wealth of information (much of it free) online to help you get started.

At this point, it isn’t what you do that’s important; it’s doing something! So take advantage of your ‘down-time,’ and when December 2022 rolls around, you’ll appreciate the results. That’s how we’re planning to spend our December slowdown.