Cathy Kenton 3 min read

Avoid the Shiny Penny Syndrome

Three prompts to help you determine if you are dealing with shiny penny syndrome or a ...
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LTMG 5 min read

Are you Known, Liked and Trusted?

When the end goal is demand generation, it is imperative your email campaign follows the ...
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Cathy Kenton 6 min read

From the Trenches: Working at Home

I’ve worked from home for over 20 years. Occasionally I long for an office, but mostly, ...
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Cathy Kenton 5 min read

Using Metrics to Define Success

What is essential to understand for 2020 marketing is that not all metrics are created ...
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LTMG 3 min read

Three Marketing Tasks Your Team Should Complete (From Home) During COVID-19

Three tasks your team should complete during COVID-19 to keep momentum in sales and ...
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Chris Bryant 4 min read

Top 5 Features HubSpot Features, as Told by an Expert.

HubSpot features empower you with demand gen to accelerate client acquisition. Specialist ...
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LTMG 4 min read

How to execute a successful HubSpot implementation

Three factors needed to execute a successful, measurable and smart HubSpot ...
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Cathy Kenton 10 min read

COVID-19 Is Not a Reason to Stop Marketing to Law Firms…

When faced with a downturn, the reaction has always been to eliminate marketing. Now, ...
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Cathy Kenton 6 min read

ABA TechShow 2020. That’s a wrap!

Cathy Kenton shares her observations from legal technology conference ABA Techshow, ...
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