LTMGNov 8, 2019 12:44:10 PM2 min read

The Clio Cloud Conference Isn’t Just for Users

With a noticeable increase in legal technology User Conferences this year, Clio really has stepped out in front of the pack. #ClioCloud9, which concluded recently has become a ‘can’t miss’ event as evidenced by the fact that thirty percent of the paid attendees were not even Clio customers!

Clearly, the direction Clio has taken to build a community that embraces non-users, lifestyle and media influencers, and integration partners is paying off. With thought-provoking keynotes and a focus on changing the practice of law, for good, the two-day conference flew by with an energy unmatched by other legal tech events.

As much a learning experience for ‘Clions’ as it was for attendees, 140 staff members from Clio’s four offices showed up in full enthusiastic force. While available to provide directions and answer questions, it was also clear they were there to genuinely learn and absorb as much information as possible to help Clio move its mission forward.

The True Definition of Partners

While Clio’s product advancements were announced and on display, the company didn’t stop there. As we previously wrote, Clio is fully committed to its Integration Partners.

At this year’s conference, the Clio ecosystem was on full display. In opening remarks, it was announced from the stage that there were presently 197 Clio Integration Partners, and the sold-out exhibit halls were an opportunity for nearly half of them to connect directly with attendees. Ninety companies spent their time at the conference demonstrating their products and connecting with other potential partners, while still more used the two days to confer with law firms ranging in size from solo practitioners to mid-sized firms.

LTMG met with both long-standing legal business partners as well as young companies/startups who were in attendance to gauge market demand for their products. While traditionally, legal professionals have been leery of new technologies and developers, both Clio and conference attendees were anxious to identify and support companies that will improve the practice of law, shrink the justice gap, and enhance quality of life for legal professionals. Innovation is encouraged, as evidenced by the second annual Launch//Code competition, won this year by Casetext

Why It Works

Clio’s Integration Partner program demonstrates the company’s desire to partner with law firms of all sizes to create custom and scalable solutions. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ product here, rather, every law firm is free to create a custom suite that meets its exact needs.

Once again, Clio has gotten it right.