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Virtual Alternatives are Gaining Ground on Live Events

The 2023 live event season is in full swing, and it is apparent that live events do not have the draw they once had. Along with work-from-home and the great resignation, in-person events are not what they once were. 

Breaking Media's Above the Law recently surveyed their audience in the Legal Tech sector to glean insights into how they view live events. Only State Bar conferences, with 17.5% in-person attendance, were attended by more than 8% of respondents in 2022. Most events are seeing a drop in expected attendance, some as much as 50% or more, with only State Bar conferences and Legalweek seeing a slight increase.  

While 38% of respondents did express at least some concern for Covid, most are declining events as a matter of practicality. In-person events and conferences require planning, budgeting, and time away from the desk, all of which are becoming scarcer today, especially in light of recent economic uncertainty. Additionally, some find virtual events more accessible, efficient, and easy to attend. 

For marketers, virtual events and strategies have other benefits that make them more appealing. With virtual experiences, you can track leads, view traffic patterns, and measure event engagement to calculate event ROI for every aspect of the experience. Tracking also allows for hyper-personalization, especially when it comes to follow-up and reporting. You'll know who engaged, how interested they are, and what content will likely drive conversions with them moving forward. This, of course, improves the experience for attendees as well. 

Above the Law has been ahead of this trend for years and is seeing increased engagement with its Non-Event Legal Tech Marketing. These Non-Events comprise blogs, podcasts, and a legal tech directory supporting the flagship Legal Tech Buyer's Guides, produced by Legal Tech Publishing, a sister company of Legal Tech Media Group. 

Above the Law's Non-Event experience directly brings the legal technology conversation to legal professionals by focusing on how technology can boost their careers and optimize their practices. They give lawyers, who are generally not early adopters of technology, a trusted resource for guides and reviews of leading legal technology. Above the Law calls this a Non-Event because it is designed to assuage the thoughts of boredom and missed billable hours that come with live events while always being available when buyers have time in their busy schedules.  

Researching the plethora of legal tech options can be daunting for inexperienced buyers. So, the ATL Legal Tech Directory provides categorized listings and articles to help buyers determine which options they should consider. Additionally, the Buyer's Guides provide thorough, unbiased reviews and guidance in each product category as a one-stop resource for purchase decisions. 

This approach has resonated with legal tech buyers. As of Q4 2022, the metrics include:  

  • Email list engagement over 1,000,000 monthly, with over 55,000 views per month 
  • Buyer's Guide landing page views over 30,000 
  • Buyer's Guide gated downloads over 5,500.  
  • Non-Eventcast downloads over 5,500.  
  • Above the Law's website has 2 million monthly unique visitors 

This engagement means legal tech companies joining Above the Law's Non-Event program are reaching swarms of targeted, interested buyers. As an unbiased third party, the Buyer's Guides and tech reviews are seen as trustworthy and the go-to authority for many. Lawyers and legal tech buyers come to Above the Law's Non-Event to discover what tech their practices need to thrive. 

Every legal tech company can benefit from a Buyer's Guide Directory listing, which includes the following: 

  • 200,000 impressions per Buyer's Guide, promoted via an ad campaign on Above the Law's website 
  • Promotion in the daily Above the Law newsletter, seeing 3 million sends per Guide 
  • Three email blasts to a targeted 105,000-member legal tech list 
  • Two blog posts 
  • Two podcasts promoting the Guide 

For maximum engagement, you can invest in a Platinum Reviewed Listing. Written by Legal Tech Publishing, the Buyer's Guide will feature a comprehensive multi-page review so that ATL's 2 million readers can learn how your solution will improve their law firm or corporate legal department performance. You will also have the opportunity to participate as a roundtable panelist on the Above the Law podcast, exploring how technology is vital in today's legal world. Finally, updates from your company can be featured in ATL's monthly industry wrap-up for the entire year. 

If you are interested in being featured in a Non-Event listing and publication, please get in touch with us using the form here - https://www.legaltechpublishing.com/contact