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Where and How to Use Direct Mail and Gifting in the Sales Process

Consumers today are overwhelmed with emails, LinkedIn messages, social ads, and phone calls, so much so that they often resist engaging and revert to whatever buying habits are comfortable. These habits can be difficult to break. No longer is a strong value proposition and tight messaging enough to get a foot in the door.

Generating demand and building a sales pipeline 

  1. Break through the noise by offing an item or experience as a high-impact introduction.  With smart targeting, a well-designed gifting experience, and personalized messaging, you can see ROI far-exceeding those from digital marketing efforts. 
  2. Integrating strategic gifts and experiences into ABM campaigns. Get in front of key champions at high-intent target accounts by creating authentic connections that show you understand their needs, align with their culture, and stand out from your competitors. 
  3. Add omnichannel approaches to your sales sequences. Use CRM and automation tools to deliver personalized experiences at scale. Test offline touch points at different stages of your sequences to determine when they are most effective


Building relationships and moving deals forward 

  1. Go the extra mile during a courteous exchange. Send a nice gift when thanking prospects for a meeting, following up after a sales call, when a prospect has a life event, or is facing a challenge. These are times where a little can go a long way. 
  2. Bring the buying committee together. Most organizations will have multiple stakeholders at the buyer's table. Send a shareable gift to build goodwill and get them talking about your offer. 
  3. Reengage a prospect who's gone cold and reignite stale deals. Deals slow down when buyers lose their initial momentum or when they are facing pushback internally. A well-timed gift or experience can remind them why they were interested in the first place. 


Close deals and retain existing customers 

  1. Show your thanks to influencers and champions with luxury items and experiences. You can increase close rates by more than 30% by leaning on your champions and showing your appreciation. 
  2. Celebrate a new sale and kick off the onboarding process with a congratulatory gift. This can set the tone for a collaborative and successful customer experience. 
  3. Retain, upsell, and cross-sell with timely gifts. Track user engagement and identify indicators that a customer may be dropping off or even ready for an upgrade. Sending a gift can remind them you are invested in their success and there to help.

Create a memorable buying experiences to hit sales targets with less resources 

It can be tough to generate demand and build a sales pipeline in today's noisy world. However, by using personalized offline outreach, you can break through the noise and get in front of champions at target accounts. Relationships can also be moved forward through the buying process with strategic gifts and experiences. Lastly, when it comes time to close deals or retain customers, don't forget the importance of showing your appreciation.