Cathy Kenton2 min read

3 Signs You Have Taken DIY As Far As It Can Go


Growing a company in the best of times is hard. Growing a company during a global pandemic is even more challenging. But growing a company focused on DIY tools and reactive tactics adds another unnecessary level of difficulty to your business. 

Let's face it: many legal tech executives may not have the opportunity for professional help at the very start of their business. But as you set growth goals and look to attract acquisition partners or meet revenue goals, you simply can not afford to go without professional support. Because the reality is, most businesses that take the DIY approach to marketing, sales, and service cannot meet any of those goals. 

So, how do you know when it is time to enlist a professional? Here are three signs: 

1. You only execute reactive sales, marketing, and service tactics. There are no proactive strategies. 

Creating an integrated business strategy that is appropriate for your market segment is commonly overlooked by DIYers. Whether it’s a sprint or a marathon, you have to have a clear vision of where you’re going, why you're going there, and how you will win the race.

Developing clear goals and strategies in line with your unique value proposition will set you and your team up for success. But what is your unique value proposition? How exactly will your market segment determine your value? And what steps need to be put in place to ensure maximum visibility and sales? By expertly knowing these answers, you will have the tools necessary to grow your business.

2. You built a bootstrap customer journey. And now, you have outgrown it. 

HubSpot CRM Platform (Sales Deck)All DIYers know the clear progression of a customer journey: anonymous, to prospects, to customers, to promoters. But how does your customer move through that journey? Is it from a disjointed group of technology that doesn't quite speak to each other? How are you clearly taking your customers down this path and utilizing every tool and asset at your disposal, in a measurable way? 

If you see yourself in this journey, and are ready to stop losing customers along the way, it is time to bring in an expert. 

3. As a business, you have no single source of truth. 

How effectively is sales speaking to marketing? And once a prospect transitions to being a customer, how are they being serviced? Without a single source of truth, many DIYers are left with a messy compilation of customer history and ongoing engagements. 

An expert wraps your business into one single source of truth. Where every aspect is assigned and no one is siloed -- and therefore no customer feels siloed. This source will empower your business to grow its relationship with customers and provide a best-in-class experience. 

To summarize, a DIY won’t work if you’re looking to grow your business.

You’re the expert at what you do, but can you honestly say you're an expert marketing, sales, and service provider? And can you afford to only take your own advice?  

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