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3 Ways HubSpot's All-New Customer Service Hub Powers Legal Tech

The customer is king, and we need to meet their growing demands. Have you prioritized customer service to improve the overall customer journey, drive additional growth, and reduce churn?  

In Growth Strategies: Customer Success, we discussed how "Ensuring you retain your current clients and find ways to upsell them can help your company grow more efficiently."  

Do your customer service leaders have the resources to deliver on customers' elevated expectations? Three of the top challenges for customer service leaders in 2022, according to a recent HubSpot survey, are:    

  • A lack of prioritization: translating to the inconsistency of customer care   
  • Too many tools: often adding more complexity than value   
  • Not enough time in the day: to address new opportunities and create organizational alignment   

Using the data collected from their survey, HubSpot has updated and reimagined its Service Hub to help companies meet and exceed customers' increased expectations. Here are three new Service Hub features that will be the most impactful for legal tech companies.  


Prioritize Accurately with Service Level Agreements   

Service leaders and agents face challenges, including time constraints and increasing demands for efficient resolutions.  

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a helpful tool that allows teams to prioritize incoming tickets. SLAs can be customized to prioritize tickets based on importance and time constraints to ensure that customer service agents meet customer expectations on solution delivery and follow-through. SLAs complement other workflow automation with streamlined notifications when SLAs are set to expire, reducing the risk of missed follow-ups or resolutions.   

Read more about SLAs here


Better Understand Your Customers with Customer Feedback Surveys  

Now more than ever, companies must listen to customers to understand what they need, want, and could go without.   

Customer feedback surveys are a great way to make your customers feel heard and valued across their customer journeys, from sales to service and every moment in between. Survey insights can help you: 

  • Better understand your customers 
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in service  
  • Deliver a better customer experience  

Surveys can target service KPIs such as net promoter score (NPS), customer effort score (CES), and customer satisfaction (CSAT) to assess customer loyalty and retention - making it that much easier to report. Surveys are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor questions to reflect your unique business needs and gain targeted insights.   

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Empower Customers with Customer Portals  

Customer portals give customers agency and ownership of their service experience by serving as a central resource where customers can:  

  • Review the status of their tickets  
  • Follow up with additional questions  
  • Access the knowledge base for further resources   

Using a customer portal creates transparency and trust for your customers. It helps your service teams coordinate responses, saving agents time to focus on solving for their customers.   

With complete customization available, these customer portals can also be used for channel and affiliate management. 

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Ultimately, HubSpot's reimagined Service Hub allows customer service leaders to:   

  • Introduce and automate prioritization within their operation models   
  • Streamline tools for agents while also empowering customers to self-serve   
  • Create time and opportunity to drive strategic alignment across organizations' teams and channels.  

Coupling HubSpot's CRM with SLAs, customer feedback, and self-service tools like the customer portal enhance customer insights and empowers meaningful engagement. Fully equipped, customer service leaders and teams can evolve service from reactive management to proactive customer experience delight. 

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