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Everyone Sells at Legal Tech Firms

Many Legal Tech firms focus their lead generation and sales efforts on the marketing and sales teams alone. This mindset often leads to gaps between your company and potential customers when they interact with company representatives outside of these teams. 

By adopting an “Everyone Sells” mentality, you could exponentially increase new sales conversations and interest in a broader set of services from your existing customers, thereby increasing revenue, usage, and retention. 

The goal is to empower your customer-facing team members to get leads onto demos with your sales representatives. When they interact with existing and potential customers, your team members can suggest solutions relevant to their needs and offer them a demo where they can learn more about and receive training on how to get the most from your products. 

For example, if a customer service representative sees that a free trial user or new customer is inviting their team members to use your product, suggesting a demo to show them how best to use the solution as a team would be a great incentive to meet and engage. Doing so presents an opportunity for you to create a better customer experience and even suggest additional features or services they may not have previously considered. 

To create an “Everyone Sells” mentality, educate your customer-facing teams on your products and services, walk-through and even script common scenarios with them, and give them tools and workflows to collaborate with sales when opportunities arise. 

 Getting potential opportunities to a demo 

Convincing potential leads to book a demo can be a daunting task for people uncomfortable or inexperienced with sales. However, with proper preparation, your entire staff can become influential sales representatives. 

As with traditional sales roles, it is best to engage with leads by understanding their situation and providing relevant information. Brainstorm common scenarios for each customer-facing position and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • If they are currently using the product, how are they using it, and is there a better way? 
  • What problem(s) are they trying to solve? 
  • What challenges are they facing in solving their problem(s) or with your product? 
  • What products or features can you offer them to solve their problems and challenges better? 

Answering these questions may require your team to ask potential customers directly, so scripting a practicing these interactions can be enormously helpful. The best approach is often to find the quickest path from “I noticed you’re trying to...” to “Might I suggest...” or “Can we offer a training/demo of [a feature that may be useful]." As a result, your leads will get quick resolutions to challenges and you will generate positive motivation towards a sales discussion, all while creating the impression of an organized, professional, and customer service-oriented company. 

Finally, ensure every team member has the ability and tools to communicate with the sales team directly and schedule demos with leads such as instant messaging and calendar apps. This will allow them to answer questions quickly, offer the most relevant solutions and features, and reduce friction when converting leads to a demo. 

Creating and maintaining an "Everyone Sells" mentality is an ongoing process. Schedule regular meetings with each team to learn about your solutions, practice interactions and improve your operations. The results will show in revenue, company culture, and elsewhere.