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How HubSpot Enables Sales Teams to Drive Growth

Sales teams experience better results when their tools help them focus on selling and creating consistent customer experiences. This is especially important as companies grow beyond the capabilities of a disorganized tech stack. LTMG is a HubSpot partner because it delivers a powerful all-in-one solution that integrates data across the organization, streamlines workflows, and aligns teams. 

While implementing a system like HubSpot can seem daunting, its usability is, in fact, a key selling point. It has an intuitive user interface so you can onboard team members quickly. Views and automations can be tailored to workflows, increasing adoption as sales reps find they can spend more time selling and less on administrative work. It also conveniently provides reps with real-time access to customer data because the system serves as a single source of truth for contacts. 

HubSpot enables streamlined workflows, both for users and across teams. This keeps the customer experience consistent with seamless handoffs from marketing to sales and ultimately to customer success teams. Your reps will improve speed-to-lead and have all the information they need for flawless communications. Sales reps can also save time after each engagement by automating follow-up calls, texts, and email sequences and entering data with just a few clicks. 

Finally, HubSpot's reporting and analytics functions empower leadership to work with the sales team. There are near limitless options for reporting on data sets both within HubSpot and from integrations, allowing teams to track quotas, performance, and forecasting without building new reports each time. Via HubSpot's multi-touch attribution functionality, you can determine which activities are contributing most to conversions and how to optimize your buying experience. Similarly, you can estimate which contacts and deals will most likely convert with predictive lead scoring. HubSpot gives you complete visibility into your organization's growth efforts' past, present, and future. 

The results speak for themselves. Organizations that use HubSpot see more deals close and increased productivity from their sales teams.  

Streamlining your technology and unifying your tech stack is only the beginning. Schedule a call with LTMG today if you'd like to discuss improving productivity and driving sustainable growth.